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First Aid

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We teach parents all the essential First Aid & CPR skills, from Ages 0 - 8+ years old
  • How to check consciousness, breathing, and circulation for all ages

  • When to call 9-1-1 and when you can drive them

  • What to expect in emergencies & how to manage them

  • Infant CPR (Ages 0-1)

  • Child CPR (Ages 1-8)

  • Adult CPR (Ages 8+)

  • Infant conscious Choking

  • Child & Adult conscious choking

  • Unconscious Choking for all ages

  • AED's 

  • Cuts and deadly bleeds. Both internal & external

  • How to manage broken bones, sprains, and strains

Infant & Child First Aid Manual

Course Information

Public Courses:
$60 for one person
$100 for two 
  • 120 minutes of instructional time

  • Small class sizes

  • Focus on practice to learn

  • First Aid Manuals to keep provided

  • Babies in Arms are welcome when people register with someone that can take turns watching them.

Private Courses:
$500 minimum charge (covers 8 people)
$40 for every extra person
  • At persons home
  • Flexible times
  • Train with Friends & Family
Infant & Child First Aid Manual

"This course is awesome! We took it . . . and my husband had to test his knowledge last night when our daughter choked on a candy!! Great investment!"

- Margo K.

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No membership fees | Free marketing resources | Course your audience will love | Earn hundreds easily

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is there a fee to join?: Nope, everything is FREE. We want to help you refer our course as easily as possible. No catch.
How do I refer your course?: It can be as easy as setting out flyers on a table or posting on your social media. We give you all the resources (flyers, pictures, codes, etc). You decide how you want to tell your audience about us.
How do I get paid?: We can do a variety of payment methods including: Paypal, Interac E-Transfer, Cheque, Cash. We'll pay you monthly based on that month's referrals.
What if it doesn't work out?: No problem! Stop referring our courses at anytime. We don't expect any compensation for the resources we gave you. It's that easy.
Is there a certification with this course?: No, this course is developed to condense and simplify first aid techniques for parents. It is NOT a replacement for government recognized workplace training or professional care.
What is the next step?: Fill out the signup form above, and we'll contact you shortly to set up your affiliate coupon code, give you the resources you need to promote our course, and organize a way we can pay you! 

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