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CPR Classes

Made for Parents

Private Training is as low as $50 per Person or Watch our Free Online Lessons

Free Online

Class Information

  • 2 hours On-demand video lessons

  • Written Overview

  • Video lessons are a mix of infographic slides and skills demonstrations

  • Printable First Aid Quick Reference

  • Access on any device

What you'll Learn

  • Identify emergency medical situations - know what signs to look for, and when to call 9-1-1

  • Perform life saving techniques for any age or situation

  • Manage an emergency until professional arrive

How to perform life saving skills like:

  • CPR 

  • Choking

  • Unconscious Choking CPR

  • AED's (automated external defibrillator)

  • Bone, Muscle, and Joint injuries

  • Wound Care

  • Internal and External deadly bleeding

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Private Training is as low as $50 per Person


Private at Home Training

Practice makes it sick!

 We've made a first aid course specifically for parents and caregivers. Although we focus on infants & children you will also learn about adult CPR, AED & choking response. 


Through demonstrations and hands on practice of every skill, we'll teach you the essential steps as simply as possible so it sticks.

You'll also have the chance to ask us any questions so you feel confident with the skills. Plus we can tailor the class to your needs. Have allergies in the family? Concerned for the grandparents health issues? We can show you what to do!


All of our instructors are certified St. John Ambulance First Aid Instructors with years of real world experience.


Whether they are just starting solid foods, or they have their first sports match coming up, this course has you covered.

Private Training is as low as $50 per Person

COVID - 19 Considerations

  • Must have space to maintain physical distancing during class

  • Mask will be worn during instruction with exception for demonstration of CPR

  • All mannequins are washed in a bleach & water solution to fully disinfect before use in the next class

  • Hand sanitizer and Gloves will be used to distribute course materials

  • Alcohol wipes will be provided to wipe down your own equipment before using

  • Disposable CPR face covering and gloves will be used to practice on mannequins. You will NEVER make direct contact with the mannequins

  • Special requests for safety will 100% bet met, no questions asked


          ***Please note this is NOT for a workplace certification***

***ALSO the pictures on our site we're taken before the pandemic, hence the lack of social distancing and use of gloves***

We take your safety and the safety of our instructors to be our #1 priority. Feel free to contact us for questions about our precautions.

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Your Instructor
Alden Guzman.png
Alden has more than 5 years experience in teaching parents first aid techniques. He is a certified First Aid & CPR instructor with the Canadian Red Cross and St. John Ambulance. Alden has taught a variety of students ranging from oil field workers to nursing students. He has recently been focused on teaching parents the basics of first aid with his local first aid training business, Gold Standard First Aid in Calgary, Alberta.
Alden Guzman

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